Two Reasons Why You Might Want To Have Your Company's Roof Inspected More Often

A damaged roof can lead to problems inside a commercial building that could lead to the loss of tenant businesses or customers. A yearly roof inspection helps spot these problems before they make themselves known by sending a leak through your roof. But there are reasons why you may want to occasionally inspect your roof at other times of the year, even when the building hasn't been through storms that could cause damage.

Four Signs Your Garage Door Spring Needs to Be Replaced or Repaired

Garage doors are remarkably useful; they protect your cars, shield your belongings from the elements, and give you privacy. Unfortunately, sometimes garage doors can break. When that happens, there is usually a faulty spring to blame. Here are four signs your garage door spring needs to be repaired or replaced. 1. The motor sounds like it's straining Garage doors are quite heavy, but their weight is supported by the springs that hold it on either side.

4 Reasons To Construct A Custom Home With A Basement

Having the opportunity to build a custom home is exciting but can also be stressful. There are many details to address, and most people want their home to be perfect. One thing that many people wonder is whether or not they should construct a custom home with a basement. In many areas of the country, constructing a basement while building a custom home is a wise idea. Some of the benefits of having a basement constructed while building your home include:

5 AC Tips For Business Owners

Managing the cooling cost for your business can be a challenge when the summer temperature soars. Yet, these costs can have a major impact on your bottom line. The following tips can help save you on cooling costs, both by conserving energy usage and avoiding an overworked commercial air conditioning system. Tip #1: Get an annual tuneup A commercial air conditioner should be fully inspected annually in the spring before the cooling season begins.

Eager To Set Up Your Own Home Theater? Bring In An Electrician For The Ideal Results

Having your own theater at home can be a great way to enjoy movies and even regular television with your friends and family. If you want to have an impressive home theater that you're proud of, it's a good idea to consider the impact that detailed electrical work can provide. Instead of wiring the home theater with poor electrical work, such as exposed wires and surround sound that's been installed wrong, it's a smart idea to hire a professional electrician for help.

Signs Of Plumbing Leaks And Using Smoke Testing To Find Them

You could have tiny cracks in your plumbing pipes and not even know it. Even though they are tiny, they can lead to very costly repairs. Water dripping can appear in many places in your home and cause damage to your flooring and walls, and create a place for mold to flourish.  If these tiny cracks turn into larger ones, this may require even more expensive repairs by a plumber. Fortunately, tiny cracks can be found without much effort by smoke testing.

A Damaged Tree: Does It Need To Be Cut Down?

After a summer storm or simply during a routine lawn inspection, you may notice severe damage or rot on one of your prized trees. Maybe one of the main branches is dangling or several branches are broken. You may notice dead spots and other signs of disease. If your tree or trees are in bad shape, you will need the advice of an arborist or tree trimming service. In some instances, you will need to have the tree removed.

Want To Keep Your Home Cleaner? Get Tile For The Front Entrance

Maintaining a home can turn out to be a lot of work. Cleaning the floors is one major portion, and it becomes extremely challenging when you have shoes always tracking in dirt from outside. If you have carpet at your front entrance, it might look quite dark in color because of continuous dirt exposure. To enjoy a home that is easier to clean, you should think about replacing the front entrance flooring with tile.

Simple Ways Business Owners Can Keep Their Asphalt In Better Condition

As a business owner, you have a number of responsibilities on your hands. Don't forget to overlook your asphalt surfaces. Preventing major damage to your asphalt parking lot or other surfaces begins with you. There are a number of processes you should perform to keep the asphalt in better condition and help minimize the need for costly repairs. Make sure you know what practices to engage in. Asphalt Drainage All parking lots or other asphalt covered areas need sufficient drainage systems in place.

For No More Clogs, Stop Pouring Waste Down The Drain

After you have completed the difficult task of cleaning a clog from your drain, you may wonder why you keep getting so many clogs in the first place. Start by paying attention to how you live your life and whether you are regularly pouring the wrong things down the drain: Your Drain Isn't a Garbage Can One of the most common reasons why a kitchen drain becomes clogged is that homeowners begin to use the drain as a garbage can.

Four Metal Fence Styles That Will Give Your Home A Unique Look And A Durable Fence

If you want to have a unique looking fence, metal is a great option. These can be custom-made iron fences, as well as prefabricated materials.  Metal fences can also come in many different designs including palisade styles, contemporary designs and other unique looks. If you want something more for the fencing around your home, metal fencing is a great choice. Here are four unique styles of metal fencing that you can have installed for the fence around you home:

Important Information On How To Handle A Burst Pipe

Do you know what to do if your water pipes freeze and burst? Do you know how to handle the resulting flood and subsequent water removal? Here are some tips to make sure you and your belongings are safe: Turn off the water: The sooner you get the water to the pipe shut off, the better. If the pipe burst inside a wall, don't wade through the water. Try to figure out a way around it.

Trees To Enhance Your Swimming Pool Or Spa Area

When choosing trees to plant around your swimming pool or spa area, you want to choose plants that not only enhance your landscape design, but are low-maintenance. A variety of lovely trees and shrubs are available to add color and enjoyment to your outdoor space. Selecting trees and shrubs for the pool area, doesn't have to be difficult if you keep a few tips in mind: Look for plants with smooth branches and avoid thorns, bristles or anything that may injure pool users Choose litter-free plants to avoid fishing spent flowers, fallen berries or leaves out of the pool; they can also clog the pool filter Pick plants you find attractive and that complement your landscape design While there are a variety of trees for the pool area, here are a few good choices.

Emergency Window Replacement – Quick Steps To Getting Your House Ready

If you have had a window emergency, it can be imperative to have a professional come out and fix immediately. Having emergency window repair can be a drag, but there are few things you can do to make the situation better, and the window installer's job a little easier. Here is a four-point checklist to quickly getting your house ready for an emergency window repair. 1. Get Pets and Kids out of the Way

3 Types Of Exterior Concrete Coating

Do you have exterior concrete elements on your building that are exposed to the elements? Do you worry about your sidewalk, driveway, or loading docks cracking and chipping? If so, you may want to protect them with a concrete coating. A concrete coating is a material that's applied on top of concrete to protect it from extreme weather, moisture, and even chemicals. Some coatings simply provide protection. Others can offer aesthetic value.

Four Crabapple Varieties With Light Pink Flowers

When it comes to flowering trees, few are as breathtaking as crabapples. Most crabapple trees have either white or pink flowers. If you're looking for a variety with light pink flowers to include in your landscape design, here are four to keep in mind. Louisa Crabapple A small crabapple variety, the Louisa typically reaches about 10 feet in height. Its branches have a weeping shape, and they are covered in dark green, glossy leaves.

Recognizing Different Asphalt Failures And How To Repair Them

When it comes to driveway materials, asphalt pavement is highly desirable among homeowners for a lot of reasons. Asphalt provides a durable, smooth surface that can withstand changes in the weather, such as temperature fluctuations and moisture. However, just as it is with any construction material, asphalt is not absolutely full-proof or permanent. Over time, you can see signs that something is wrong with your asphalt drive. Here are a few of the most common failures and how they should be addressed.

Substitutions For Your Broken Overhead Crane: How To Keep Your Work Flow Moving

Heavy loads need cranes to move. Companies can rely too heavily on overhead cranes, meaning when one breaks down, the entire assembly line stops. It does not have to. In fact, there are some reasonable substitutions you can use either along the line, or during the loading and unloading process. Forklifts Forklifts are often taken for granted. They are always present on the loading and unloading dock, but their ability to lift several tons is exactly what makes them versatile.

Do Not Make These 4 Common Mistakes With Your Hardwood Floors

Wholesale hardwood flooring is an investment. You put a lot of thought into selecting the right wood and finish and then hiring a contractor for the project. Ruining them is probably the furthest thing from your mind. However, there are some mistakes that you could unknowingly make that will damage your hardwood floors. Here are the four of the most common hardwood floor mistakes. The Sloppy Mop If you mop your hardwood floors the wrong way, you could be causing damage.