The Benefits Of Having A Sprinkler System Installed With Using Trenches Versus Pipe Pulling

Trenchless sprinkler installation is gaining in popularity. With this method, only a tiny trench is dug. From there, a pipe pulling machine can pull your sprinkler pipes out to various parts of your yard, setting up your sprinkler system without having to dig a trench to install each section of sprinkler pipes. However, there are some drawbacks to using pipe pulling and a few benefits to using a traditional trench method. Here are a few of those benefits.

You Have Full Depth Control When Digging Trenches

One of the biggest advantages associated with using trenches when installing your sprinkler system is that you have full depth control when you dig trenches. You can decide exactly how deep to dig the trenches in various parts of your yard and install pipes at the exact depth that you want them. When you use a pipe pulling system, the system can angle your pipes at a slight angle. This can make your pipes a little higher or lower than you want. Unfortunately, it is hard to get pipes at the exact depth you want them with a pipe pulling system, which is where trenches have a big advantage.

You Ensure There is No Pipe Damage With Trenches

Another advantage to having a sprinkler system installed in trenches is that you can ensure there is no damage done to the pipes when you lay them in the trenches and then shovel dirt on top of them. Pipe pulling machines can sometimes be rough, and pipes can crack or chip when going through hard or rocky soil. You may not realize there is a problem until you go to run the sprinklers and see flooding.

Trenching Minimizes the Risk of Underground Damage

The final benefit to trenches is that they minimize the risk to items placed underground, such as gas lines and electrical lines. When you dig a trench, you are digging from the surface of the ground downward. As such, you will see these marked and plastic coated lines before you hit them. With a pipe pulling machine, one small trench is dug. The machine then horizontally sends pipes out, where they can hit gas lines or electrical lines, causing damage. If you decide to do trenchless sprinkler installation, always ensure that a professional marks your plumbing pipes, gas lines, and electrical wires to ensure you do not hit them.

While trenchless sprinkler system installations are gaining in popularity, there are some drawbacks to this method as well. This is why some people and some installers still prefer sprinkler system trenching compared to trenchless systems. If you need a sprinkler or irrigation system installed in your yard, contact a trenching company today to begin the process of having trenches dug to install your sprinkler system.

To learn more about sprinkler system trenching, contact a trenching company in your area.