Repairing A Pool That Won't Circulate

A pool needs to circulate in order to keep the water moving. Circulating the water helps keep the water clean and helps prevent debris from falling onto the bottom of the pool and instead into the skimmer. If your pool water isn't circulating, your water may be turning green or even black and the pool floor could be covered with algae. Read on for tips to help repair this issue.

Check The Water Return

The water return where the water blows back into the pool. If the water return isn't turned properly, it may cause the water not to circulate properly. Try using an eyeball return or use an elbow piece to circulate the water the way it needs to be circulated. The amount of water coming back into the pool at one time could be causing the problem. If too much water is coming in at once, it may be an issue. Try adjusting the water return to see if this helps.

Use A Different Filter

A filter that is too large or too small may be causing your water circulation problem. If you aren't sure what size you should be using, you can consult a pool professional at your local swimming pool supply store. If you bought your pool brand new, you can take the filter back to the pool store where you bought the pool and see if you can trade if for one the is the right size.

Check The Pool Pump

If you don't have any water coming out of the return, it may be because you don't have any water coming into the pump or filter. Check the skimmer basket to see if it's full. If it is, empty it. Then check that the pump is sucking in water properly. If there is air in the pump, open the lid to the pump to create a seal. Then turn your pump back on to see if it's working properly again. If the pump isn't working, isn't turning on, or isn't taking in water, you may need a new pool pump.

Change The Filter To Circulate

Be sure that the filter is set to circulate and is turned on. It should be kept on throughout most of the day. If you're worried about the energy costs, leave the filter off at night only. If your filter isn't working properly, it isn't going to be able to clean and circulate the water. 

If your pool isn't circulating your water, you'll end up with a dirty pool filled with algae and eventually a pool that is going to need a new liner. If you aren't sure how to repair the water circulation issue, hire a professional to take a look at your pool and repair the problem for you. Contact a company like All-American Pools for more information.