Should You Get Your Apartment Complex's Sewer Cleaned?

A proper sewer cleaning will help prevent sewage from backing up in your residential or commercial plumbing, including inside your apartment complex. If you have a full tenancy going on and most of the apartments that are occupied have many people in the units, then you want to pay special attention to the plumbing you have. If you haven't had the sewer cleaned out at your apartment complex in some time, it may be time to have this service done. Here are signs you should get your apartment complex's sewer cleaned.

You're installing new plumbing

Are you installing new plumbing inside your apartment complex? Whether you are putting new plumbing throughout the units or you are just replacing or repairing plumbing in part of the apartment in general, then you need to have the sewer inspected or have cleaning done if needed. You can always consult with a plumber or contractor to see if this service is necessary, even if you are sure that you have had the sewer cleaned in recent years.

You're noticing odd smells

Do you notice any strange smells coming out of your apartment complex? This can be an issue in heavy-use plumbing areas, such as the laundry room, shower area, pool area where the showers are, and other larger plumbing sections of the complex. If you smell a sulfur odor or a smell that is similar to rotten eggs, then have the plumbing checked first. The sewer may be clogged with debris, or it just may be in need of cleaning due to excessive use. You may need to have the areas cleaned so you can remove the odor and any potential danger of sewer blockage.

You're having active plumbing issues

Is the plumbing in any part of the apartment complex failing in any way? Are toilets overflowing and clogging often, do showers have weak pressure, and is the water supply in certain parts of the apartment complex weaker than in others? These can all be signs of wear and tear on the sewer lines, which can be remedied to some degree by having the sewer cleaned, drained, and repaired. You can get this service done by your contractor or get a referral to a plumbing specialist who can periodically do this type of work for you.

When you have plumbing issues, you want to do what you can to repair them and make the sewer sound again. Use this guide to help you determine if you need sewer cleaning done in your apartment complex.