The Best Color For Your Vinyl Siding Based On The Style Of Your Home

When you replace the vinyl siding on your home, you are not just changing the siding on your home, you also have an opportunity to change the color of your home as well. When you change the color of your home, you want to make sure that the color change really works with the style of your home.

Craftsman Style

Craftsman style homes have low pitched roots. They often also have a recessed front porch area as well. With a craftsman style home, you want to go with a vinyl siding color that will match the color of your roof and will also match the pillars that support your front porch area. You want the color of your vinyl siding to match the other materials on your home. Perhaps a taupe or forest green color.

Spanish Style Home

A Spanish style home will have a southwest feel to it. Most Spanish style homes have a stucco roof that has brownish-red tones to it. You want to choose a vinyl siding color that will work with the bright colors of your roof. Siding with a gray, brown, or yellow tone to it can really fit in with the overall look and style of a Spanish-style home.

Tudor Homes

Tudor homes have a high-pitched roof, and often have lots of stone details incorporated into the design. When choosing a vinyl color, you want to go with a color tone that works with the stone accents on your home. A more neutral brown color tone that will complement the natural colors that are already included on your home.

Victorian Home

Victorian homes often have very elaborate details. They have extra molding and stylish details around the home. You want to go with a color that matches the details and molding on your home. If the molding is white, then you can go with just about any color you want. Victorian homes are often painted in bright colors, such as white with green accents, or bright blue with white accents.

Certain vinyl siding colors go better with certain styles of home, so think carefully when choosing the vinyl siding color for your home. Get help from someone who has a good sense of style to help you choose the right siding for your home. Modern siding colors are made to last for decades, so take your time choosing the right color siding for your home. Contact a company, like Weather-Tek Home Remodeling Center, for more help.