3 Tips For Adding A Fire Pit To Your Yard

Sitting around a bonfire on a cool summer night can be relaxing. Fire pits provide you with another way to enjoy your outdoor living space, but improper installation could create a safety risk. You must carefully consider all factors before adding a fire pit to your yard to ensure the finished product is both attractive and safe.

1. Choose the Right Location 

The first step you must take when deciding to add a fire pit to your yard is to select the location for the fire pit. Location can have a significant impact on safety.

You want your fire pit to be far enough away from your home, shed, or garage to prevent stray embers from igniting these structures. You also want to ensure that your fire pit has a nice view to maximize the comfort you feel while watching a fire burn.

It can be helpful to install your fire pit in a location that has some protection from the wind to aid in smoke control. Evaluate your entire yard before you choose the location for your fire pit to find the right spot.

2. Protect Your Pit From the Cold

A fire pit can be used during any season if it has been installed correctly. If you want to sit by the fire during winter, you will need to take added measures to ensure that the pit doesn't crack.

Starting a hot fire in a cold fire pit can place a lot of stress on the materials used to construct the pit itself. You will want to extend the footers of your fire pit all the way to the frostline to protect against cracking. A reinforced concrete base can also be installed beneath the fire pit to provide an added layer of protection against cold weather cracking.

3. Clear Ignitable Debris

You can't just put a fire pit in the middle of your yard without taking precautions. You don't want the fire to have access to any ignitable debris that could compromise the safety of your property.

The area around your fire pit will need to be cleared of all organic matter. You can add a ring of gravel, install paving stones, or create a cement pad that surrounds your fire pit.

An experienced contractor will be able to help you install an efficient and safe fire pit that will add to the aesthetic value of your outdoor living space.