4 Reasons To Construct A Custom Home With A Basement

Having the opportunity to build a custom home is exciting but can also be stressful. There are many details to address, and most people want their home to be perfect. One thing that many people wonder is whether or not they should construct a custom home with a basement. In many areas of the country, constructing a basement while building a custom home is a wise idea. Some of the benefits of having a basement constructed while building your home include:

More Livable Space

A finished basement can add a lot of livable square footage to a home, and there is so much that you can do with a basement. If you have a large family, having a basement may make it easier to add bedrooms to the home so everyone can have their own room. Many people also choose to go through basement construction and turn it into a small apartment where older family members can live so they can be close to family but still have privacy. A basement is also great for families with your children-- you can use the space as a playroom so all toys stay in the basement.

Bigger Home without Using Up Space on Your Lot

The size of a custom home often depends on how large of a lot you own. Many people want to build a bigger house, but do not want to sacrifice the size of their yard by using a large portion of the lot just for the house. Constructing a basement is an easy solution that allows you to have the size of home that you want while still being able to have a big yard on your lot.


If you live in an area that is prone to very severe storms or tornadoes, constructing a basement makes a lot of sense. A finished basement is a great place for the family to spend time, but it also provides a safe space in the event of severe weather. 

Attractive to Buyers

Many people build a custom home and plan to live in it for a long time. But you never know what life has in store for you, so there is a chance that you may need to sell your custom home down the road. Constructing a basement is one way to make your home more attractive to buyers if you have to sell. A lot of people want a home with a finished basement, but few want to tackle the job of finishing an unfinished basement after moving in.