5 AC Tips For Business Owners

Managing the cooling cost for your business can be a challenge when the summer temperature soars. Yet, these costs can have a major impact on your bottom line. The following tips can help save you on cooling costs, both by conserving energy usage and avoiding an overworked commercial air conditioning system.

Tip #1: Get an annual tuneup

A commercial air conditioner should be fully inspected annually in the spring before the cooling season begins. Winter can be particularly hard on many commercial units, which are often roof mounted and exposed to the elements. Your technician will make sure the unit is clean of debris, that the filters are replaced, and that everything is running properly.

Tip #2: Go automatic with your door

One reason commercial AC units are overworked is because too much air is lost outside, which means the unit runs continuously. Upgrading to an automatic door system, particularly a double door system, helps prevent constant cool air loss since doors aren't stuck open and the double set-up creates a buffer zone to slow air flow out of your building.

Tip #3: Protect your windows

If the glass front of your building faces any direction but north, you may have an issue with hot temperatures due to the light coming through the windows. This heats up the air inside, causing the AC to run more than it has to. There's a few options to combat this. You can have a light reflecting film installed on the windows, use shades during problem times, or install awnings over the windows.

Tip #4: Check the ducts

Leaky ducts are often a problem in older buildings, but even some newer buildings have issues. Consider having your ducts inspected and sealed, if necessary. This can prevent a lot of cool air loss and result in a more efficient AC.

Tip #5: Take control of the thermostat

An accessible thermostat can be a big problem. Employees and even customers may feel tempted to change the setting for their own personal comfort. A better option is to invest in a programmable thermostat that is in a locked cover to limit access. You can set the thermostat to keep the business cool during working hours, and warmer overnight or when closed. This will help reduce your energy usage and costs.

For more help or to have your AC system upgraded or serviced, talk to a commercial HVAC company.