What Restaurant Owner's Need To Know About How Important Grease Trap Cleaning Is

Did you know the average restaurant uses 28 and a half pounds of grease every single day? That's just shy of 200 pounds a week and slightly more than 850 pounds per month. By the time a full year goes by, the average restaurant has used more than 10,000 pounds of grease every year. With these statistics in mind – as the owner of a restaurant – it is vital to understand just how important it is to keep the grease trap within your business well-maintained.

Why Is Maintaining a Grease Trap So Important?

The key to understanding why maintaining and cleaning a grease trap is so important is understanding the purpose of the grease trap. A grease trap is something every restaurant is required to install. This is because the trap will prevent the grease, fats, and oils from getting to the public waste system or the septic system the business uses. Restaurant owners are required – by law – to install grease traps because grease can cause all sorts of damage to plumbing as it is easy for grease to build up and cause a pipe to become clogged. In time, the pressure from the clog could cause the pipe to burst. Then, you'd have a big greasy and wet mess. By installing a grease trap in your restaurant, this is a problem you won't have to deal with.

The most important thing to take away from the information above is how easy it is for grease to build up and cause problems. It is common for grease to build up and cause a grease trap to become clogged as well. When this happens, the grease has to find somewhere else to go, such as the waste or septic system. Cleaning and maintaining your grease trap will prevent this from happening.

Can't You Just Clean The Grease Trap Yourself?

As the owner of a restaurant, your responsibility is to delegate takes to your employees to make sure delicious food is prepared and served to your guests. Your job is to keep your restaurant clean and make sure it meets all of the health and safety codes. Professional grease trap cleaners are trained to deal with all sorts of waste – including industrial waste. Why struggle with the tedious – and disgusting – task of cleaning out your grease trap when a trained professional can do it for you? As a successful restaurant owner, you delegate the task to a professional grease trap cleaner because you want to make sure your grease trap continues to function properly.

As you can see, a grease trap is something all restaurants have. The most important thing for a restaurant owner to do is not forget about the grease trap and periodically have it cleaned by a professional.

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