Want To Turn Your Attic Into A Small Bedroom? 3 Tips To Optimize Storage In The Space

Having all of your bedrooms occupied can become a problem when you have another child on the way or when you want to have family or friends over but cannot offer them a place to stay. Your attic may be providing a decent amount of storage, but you can always turn it into a bedroom. It is not feasible to rent or buy another property for the sole purpose of gaining an additional bedroom to use. Transforming your attic is a far better solution, especially when building another room is not a realistic option.

Storage is going to be your main problem with an attic. It is best to create a small bedroom that still gives you some room to avoid having to move out some of the things that are already stored in the space. In addition, you should do everything you can to maximize storage space for the bedroom itself.

Pick the Right Bed Frame

It is important to throw out most ideas that you had for the bed frame, mainly because you need to prioritize one that can provide you with some kind of built-in storage. Some frames come with attachments such as a headboard that has storage included. But, you should also be on the lookout for ones that turn the entire space underneath the frame into storage with multiple pull-out drawers.

Make Use of the Walls

Attic bedrooms are quite unique when it comes to layout because they often have gable ceilings. This may make it difficult to put in your standard bookcases or tall pieces of furniture. But, you can fix this by using the walls to add built-in shelving, which can be used for both storage and decoration display. You can take it a step further by using decorative boxes to fill with things that need to be stored.

Add a Built-In Closet

If you would prefer a more discreet approach to introducing built-in storage, you can just section off part of the attic and put in a closet. This gives you a great deal of customization with large attics. At the very least, you should feel confident enough to invest in racks, shelves, and rods to maximize storage.

Transforming an attic into a bedroom is not going to be an easy task, but as long as you make storage a top priority, you should have no problem being completely satisfied with the final product. For more information, contact local contractors like those found at ULF & Associates, LLC.