4 Design Details To Have Added To Your Farm's Chicken Coop

Whether you have a barnyard full of chickens or you are the owner of a small poultry farm, chicken housing becomes one very important topic of discussion. Chickens need a specific kind of housing to ensure both their safety and their health, and even though just a basic chicken coop may fit the bill, it is always a good idea to make the space even more functional for your flock. There are a few design details you should talk to a new agricultural building construction contractor about when you hire them to construct a chicken coop for your farm.

1. Elevated Construction - Having your chicken coop raised up off of the ground helps to prevent problems with predators because they will have a more difficult time slipping through the walls or climbing an incline to get to the door. As an added bonus, the space beneath the coop is a nice place for the chickens to hang out in hot weather to stay cool. 

2. Vented Wall Space - Making sure that your chicken coop is well ventilated is one of the most important things you can do for the health of your chickens. Ventilation keeps the coop from getting overheated in the summertime, prevents health concerns due to poor air quality, and even wards off frostbite in the winter because this issue is more relative to moisture than the actual cold temperatures and moisture can build up fast in a coop full of chickens where there is little air flow.

3. Secure Latches on Doors - While you may be tempted to have a regular door installed on your chicken coop with a traditional knob, this is not the best idea. Some predators, such as raccoons, can actually turn regular door knobs and gain access to the inside of the coop. Therefore, make sure the doors on your chicken coop are incorporated with latches instead. 

4. Vinyl or Concrete Flooring - Concrete is probably the most resilient flooring type you can choose for a chicken coop because it is durable and easy to keep clean. However, implementing a concrete floor that is also situated above the ground can be costly. Therefore, you may have to go with a traditional wood floor. However, make sure you have the wooden floor covered with a piece of thick vinyl inside, which will make it easy for you to sweep out the chicken coop to keep it clean.