A Damaged Tree: Does It Need To Be Cut Down?

After a summer storm or simply during a routine lawn inspection, you may notice severe damage or rot on one of your prized trees. Maybe one of the main branches is dangling or several branches are broken. You may notice dead spots and other signs of disease. If your tree or trees are in bad shape, you will need the advice of an arborist or tree trimming service. In some instances, you will need to have the tree removed.


Some trees naturally lean, but if a tree close to your house or garage seem unstable, it may be a candidate for tree removal. Sometimes extreme measures can save these trees. They can be trimmed, treated and anchored until their health is restored. However, if a tree poses possible harm to your property, the neighbor's property, or nearby people, then it needs to be cut down. 


If your tree is seriously decayed, you will see fungal growth on the tree trunk. If the tree trunk is covered with fungus, then chances are that the rot and decay are severe. Remember to pull the ivy or other plant growth from the base of the tree so that you can check for fungus there. If the roots are rotten, you have a tree that can uproot at any time. 

Multiple Trunks

If your tree has multiple trunks, it can be vulnerable to weakness and storm damage. You need to routinely check the points where the trunks connect because these areas can begin to split. They may also only grow bark, which is not a replacement for wood. Experts say that a U-shape at the connection point means the tree is stronger than if it has a V-shaped connection. Sometimes, the tree-trimming service can remove the weak trunk and leave the others. However, if the entire tree is compromised, it needs to come down.

No one likes to have a tree removed. With good care, trees can live for hundreds of years. However, storm damage and disease can force your hand. A skilled arborist can work near-miracles on diseased and damaged trees, but no one can save them all. If your weakened tree is located too near your home or simply has too much damage to correct, you will need to have it cut down and the stump removed. While the tree service is at your home, ask for advice on what replacement trees to plant.