Making Sure Your New Bakery Kitchen Is As Safe As Possible

When you decide to open up your own bakery, there are many factors that you need to consider and keep in mind. However, one of the most important is to make your bakery as safe and as secure as possible. One of the key areas where you will need to focus on safety is your kitchen. In order to ensure that you are putting safety first, get to know some of the safety measures you should put into effect before you open up your business to the public.

Install A Fire Suppression System

Because you will be using ovens, microwaves, and numerous other kitchen appliances on a daily basis in your bakery, you may want to install a full-scale automatic fire suppression system. While having basic fire alarms and extinguishers are excellent safety precautions for your bakery, a fire suppression system takes it a major step further.

Automated or automatic fire suppression systems do not require a person to trigger the system into action. If a fire is detected, an automatic signal is sent that triggers counter-measures against the fire and to prevent the fire from spreading or causing an explosion. This can include an automatic gas shutoff for the ovens so that the fire does not ignite the gas causing a major explosion. It can also start the sprinkler system or other counter-measures against the fire including automatic extinguishers in the stove hood to snuff out the flames.

These systems can also be triggered manually, but the automatic settings help to prevent unnoticed fires from spiraling out of control and increase the safety for you, your employees, and your customers. And the peace of mind this type of system can give you is unparalleled.

Have First Aid Kits Stocked and in Easily Accessible Locations

Working in a bakery kitchen can be somewhat dangerous for reasons other than fires or gas leaks. Your employees and you will be working with kitchen equipment and tools all day including knives and other sharp apparatus. And heat elements like stove burners and ovens could also pose safety hazards.

As such, you need to be ready for minor day-to-day injuries as well as to triage more serious injuries if they occur. First aid kits need to be located throughout the kitchen in locations that are easy to see and reach. They should contain standard bandages and wraps as well as gauze, burn spray, and sterile gloves. All of these will be items that are commonly needed in the kitchen for minor injuries and incidents.

Now that you know a few of the safety precautions you should take in your bakery kitchen, you can be sure that you have all of the necessary equipment and systems in place before you open to make sure your bakery runs as well and as safely as possible.