3 Easy Ways To Enhance A Residential Boat Dock For Ultimate Functionality

Living seaside or on the shore of a lake in any area means that you have access to waterways for enjoyment just about any time that you choose, but having your own boat dock makes living waterside even more convenient. Even though a privately-owned residential boat dock is beneficial no matter how you look at it, these marine constructions can evolve into something that is incredibly useful and functional as a homeowner. Here are a few ways you may want to consider enhancing the boat dock that you have on your residential property.  

Add an Extra Tier or Level to the Dock 

No one ever said a boat dock has to be just one level. Kick up the functionality of a private dock by having a second tier constructed above the main docking point. Stairs leading up to the upper deck allows for easy access to a private deck that can be used for entertainment, a picnic area, or an outdoor lounging space. With the addition of patio-style railing, an upper deck is a safe place to hang out with every member of the family. If you really want to go all out, the upper deck can be walled off to create an actual bungalow right over the boat dock. This space works well for just marine-related item storage, but could just as easily be a functional living area. 

Install a Seasonal-Use Boat Lift 

Your private boat dock may give you a place to park your boat when you come in off the water, but storing the boat in the water during off seasons or for extensive periods could be damaging to the hull of the boat and cause more wear and tear than usual. Installing a boat lift allows for you to drive the boat onto a submerged platform and then raise the boat up out of the water for storage. Boat lifts can be elaborate, made with electric-powered motors, but they can just as easily be simple in their design with a manual powered lift system. Either way, a lift is sure to add a lot of functional value to your private boat dock.

The bottom line is this: A boat dock is a valuable aspect of any waterside home, but with just a few changes the dock can have more functionality than you ever thought possible. Talk to a marine contractor, such as one from Custom Docks, for more information about changes you could make to your boat dock.