4 Tips For Choosing The Right French Doors

French doors can add instant elegance to almost any room. They also provide one of the best ways to make the most of a walk-out patio, since they allow the interior and the exterior of the home to overlap when they are fully opened. Choosing the right French doors ensures that your investment remains both attractive and in good working order. The following tips can help you make an educated choice.

Tip #1: Know Your Window Options

French doors come in a myriad of design options, and one of the places where it matters most is in the windows. Just like regular windows, door windows are available in single, double, or triple pane options. Generally, the more panes, the better the insulation and energy savings, but also the greater the costs. Another concern with multi-pane windows on a door is that they may be more prone to failure if members of the household tend to slam doors closed. This is because forceful closings can break the seal around the panes.

Tip #2: Look at Security Options

Once you settle on the pane style, you will also need to determine the shape of the panes. Base this on personal preference and upon security. Smaller panes take longer to break through since an adult can't fit through a single opening, while large panes can simply be kicked in for immediate entry. You can also get panes with security coating that makes them more difficult to break through. Also, make sure the door is made to be equipped with a deadbolt lock. You will want a key-style lock so you can remove the key for security. This way no one can knock out a pane and simply reach through to unlock the door.

Tip #3: Know the Material Types

Just like a regular exterior door, French doors are available in a variety of different materials. Solid wood French doors are heavy and durable, as long as you reapply the paint or stain and sealer every couple of years. These can be exceptionally stately in appearance. Metal doors are also available. These can better withstand weathering, and they are available in a variety of finishes that resemble painted wood.

Tip #4: Consider the Style

Your final option rests in the style of the door. If you expect to be opening and closing the doors frequently, or have children, simple hinged doors are likely the best option. These aren't prone to major damage since they operate like standard doors, and they are simple to quickly close and lock up when necessary. Louvered doors are a good option if you prefer more control of how much the space opens up. The doors are hinged in the middle so they fold open, with you controlling how far to fold open each door.

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