How to Get the Whole Family Involved in a Paint Job

If you are looking for a great home improvement project that the whole family can get involved in, you should repaint a room. This is a project that your young children can actually help out with by rolling paint on the walls. However, you will need to do the prep work beforehand. Most importantly, you'll need to mask off the walls and floors and paint around the edges.

Masking Off the Floors

The drawback of painting with kids is the fact that they tend to be messy. So you might need to do a little more masking than you would normally do. Be especially liberal when it comes to covering the floors. Thin painter's plastic is the best because spills will not soak through and onto the carpet. You can wipe up large spills without damaging wood or carpet floors underneath.

Painting around the Edges

Of course, painting around the edges is one part of the job that you don't want the kids to do. It is a vital part of any paint job. If the lines are straight and clean, the entire paint job will look more professional. Paint out at least 6" from the edge to give your children a bigger buffer zone.

To make sure you get the straightest paint line, use professional painter's tape. There are different types of tape for varying surfaces. Make sure you use the right tape, because some can be too sticky for a surface, causing the paint to peel off the drywall. Others might not be sticky enough, causing the paint to seep underneath the weak tape line. If you want to reinforce your tape and reduce the risk of paint seeping underneath it, you can use this simple trick. Spread lightweight spackling paste all over the tape line. Rub it into the tape line thoroughly and make sure that you don't leave any excess on the wall. You basically want the paste to fill the gaps in the paint, but not to alter the texture of the area around the tape. This way, when you pull the tape away from the wall, there will be a much cleaner line with no seeping. You should test your tape on your wall to see if this extra steps is necessary.

If you paint your edges like a pro and then let your children help roll the majority of the walls, your interior painting job can look very good, and your kids will feel proud of their work.