The Care And Maintenance Of Your New Vinyl Siding

You may think that your new vinyl siding will be durable, but it will still need a minimal amount of maintenance. Doing simple maintenance and cleaning can help you get more life out of your vinyl. Some of the things that you will want to do include cleaning and occasional repairs. Here are some tips to help you with the maintenance of your new vinyl siding:

1. Cleaning Siding To Keep It Look New

Cleaning the siding on your home is an important part of maintenance. Fungus like moss can grow on the surface of siding in increase decay. It can also harbor moisture and lead to more serious structural problems. Cleaning can be done with a push broom and garden hose. Use a light solution of detergent and water to clean the siding with a broom, and then clean it off with a garden hose. This can also be done with a pressure washer if you have one available to use.

2. Using UV Protector For Siding With Direct Sunlight

The exposure to direct sunlight is what will cause your vinyl siding to decay. To protect your siding, you can use vinyl siding treatments with UV protection. This may not need to be done to your entire home, but in areas where you siding gets a lot of direct sunlight. This can help to reduce the problems of fading and brittle siding that is caused by UV exposure. There are also some vinyl cleaning products that include a UV protector to protect your siding from direct sunlight.

3. Repairing Loose Siding And Replacing Damaged Pieces

With vinyl siding, you may also eventually have problems with loose siding or replacing a cracked piece. To reattach siding, you should gently push on it until it snaps back in place, but be careful not to push too hard because it can crack. You can use a putty knife to help get the siding back in. When it is in place, use a finish nail to fasten it on the under edge and cover the nail with a dab of caulking. To replace the piece, use a putty knife to unzip the siding and slide a new piece in its place.

These are some of the maintenance tasks that you will need to do with your vinyl siding. If you are ready to have new siding installed on your home, contact a vinyl siding contractor like Bramble Builders, Inc to get help you the improvements to your home's exterior.