Repair A Cat-Clawed Window Screen Without Replacing The Entire Screen Material

If your cat scratched a small hole in your window screen, then you will be happy to know that you can easily patch the damaged area without having to replace the entire screen. While you should replace the entire screen if the hole is more than a couple inches in size, for holes that are smaller, you can use a patch to fix the screen and keep bugs from getting into your home.

Here is how to repair your window screen's cat damage:

Step 1: Determine the Type of Screen Material on Your Home's Windows

There are two different types of screen materials:

  • aluminum metal mesh
  • vinyl-coated fiberglass

By looking closely at your damaged screen's material, you can easily determine if it has a metallic look (aluminum mesh) or a plastic look (coated fiberglass).

Step 2: Purchase a Self-Adhesive Screen Patch

You local hardware store sells self-adhesive screen patches made out of each type of screen material. Purchase the patch that matches the type of screens on your home. If you are unable to find a self-adhesive patch, then you can purchase some screen material that is the same as your existing screens.

Step 3: Prepare the Window Screen for the Patch Material

To obtain the best result possible from your screen patch project, you need to prepare the existing screen first. Remove the damaged screen and lay it flat on a table; flatten the damaged area back towards the center of the hole using your fingers. If any screen material is sticking up, then you need to trim it off with a pair of sharp scissors.

Step 4: Apply the Screen Patch to the Window

If you were able to purchase a self-adhesive patch, then all you need to to finish the window screen repair is to remove the paper from the back of the patch and apply it to the screen. You should take care to line up the squares of the mesh for the best end result.

If you were not able to purchase a pre-made patch, then you can cut a patch from the screen material you purchased. Cut the patch a bit larger than the damaged area and attach it using a spray adhesive that is rated to glue metal or vinyl, depending upon the material your home's screen are made from.

If You Need Additional Help

If you are not able to fix your window screen, or if the frame is damaged, then you should contact a mobile window screen repair service in your area to come to your home and assist you.