Three Signs That Your Chimney Suffered Damage during an Earthquake

During an earthquake, one area of the home that is typically damaged is the chimney. Chimneys are attached to the exterior of the home, which makes them less stable than the home itself. Here are a few of the signs that your chimney has suffered structural damage during an earthquake.

Cracks on the Exterior of the Chimney

When an earthquake occurs, it often causes the foundation of a home to shake. When this happens, the chimney attached to the home shakes as well, but they may shake at different rates or in different directions since the chimney is simply attached to the outside of the home. When the foundation moves, it can cause cracks to form on the outside of the chimney as the chimney shakes. If you notice large cracks or chips in the exterior of your chimney, you may have structural damage to the fixture.

Space between the Chimney and the Home

When a chimney is attached to a home, metal ties are used in the attic to secure the chimney of the home. When an earthquake occurs, the ties can come loose and cause the chimney to pull away from the home. Go into your attic and look at the metal ties. If you see that they are no longer secured to your home or you see space between your home and the edge of the chimney, you need to call a chimney repair company right away because your chimney has pulled away from your home and could fall over at any time.

Crumbled Mortar Inside of the Chimney

Even though the chimney may not appear to have any structural damage on its exterior, that does not mean there is no damage. If you look inside of the chimney and see clumps of mortar settled at the bottom of the chimney, the inside of the chimney has been damaged and will need to be repaired right away.

If you feel that there is a chance that your chimney has suffered structural damage, it is important to have a contractor inspect the chimney before you use it. If there is damage to the chimney and you attempt to use it, it could cause even more damage to be done to your home. The inspection will take very little time to complete and will provide you with all of the information you need to be able to rest assured that your chimney is as safe as it can possibly before using it. Visit site slike for more information.