Learn How To Repair An Asphalt Walkway

Repair the asphalt walkway in your backyard by filling in small holes and cracks and applying a coat of sealer to its surface with the following steps. After completing the project, the walkway will be restored to its original condition after asphalt manufacturing and will improve the way that your property looks. 


  • push broom
  • long handled scrub brush
  • industrial strength detergent
  • degreaser
  • water hose
  • gravel
  • small shovel
  • cold asphalt patch (in bucket and tube)
  • tamping tool
  • trowel
  • caulking gun
  • plastic sheeting
  • asphalt sealer
  • long handled squeegee

Clean The Walkway And Remove Loose Pieces Of Asphalt

Sweep off the walkway to collect large pieces of debris and broken pieces of asphalt.  Use a long handled scrub brush and soapy water to remove surface stains. If any of the stains are oily and difficult to remove, apply degreaser to them and allow it to penetrate for several minutes. Rinse the walkway off well with a water hose and wait for it to dry.

Fill Holes And Cracks With Asphalt Patch

Place a thin, even layer of gravel in the base of small holes. The gravel will help hold the new asphalt in place. Use a small shovel to fill the holes with cold asphalt patch. Pack the asphalt down with the flat part of a tamping tool so that the new asphalt is level with the rest of the walkway. Smooth out the edges of the patch with a trowel.

Insert a tube of cold asphalt patch into a caulking gun. Place the tip of the gun in each crack and squeeze the trigger until the damaged areas are filled. Use a trowel to flatten the patch that is at the top of each repaired section. Wait for the asphalt patch to dry. This may take several hours. 

Seal The Walkway

Cover the edges of the walkway with plastic sheeting. Apply a coat of asphalt sealer over the surface of the walkway to protect the asphalt from damage. The sealer will form a barrier that will not allow water or sunlight to penetrate. Pour the sealer onto the walkway, beginning at one end. Spread the sealer out with a squeegee so that it is an even thickness across the surface.

Continue adding more sealer and spreading it with the squeegee until the entire walkway is covered. The sealer will dry within a couple days. After this occurs, enjoy using the walkway each day without having to worry about damage occurring.