For No More Clogs, Stop Pouring Waste Down The Drain

After you have completed the difficult task of cleaning a clog from your drain, you may wonder why you keep getting so many clogs in the first place. Start by paying attention to how you live your life and whether you are regularly pouring the wrong things down the drain:

Your Drain Isn't a Garbage Can

One of the most common reasons why a kitchen drain becomes clogged is that homeowners begin to use the drain as a garbage can. It becomes tempting to simply send an object down a drain with the hope that the water will send it somewhere where it will be properly disposed of. Instead, what you flush down the drain travels down a drainpipe and leads to another drainpipe for your entire home. You can potentially cause a clog that can affect your entire home.

Don't Pour Grease Down the Drain

Always pour grease into a separate container and then throw the grease away in a garbage can after the grease has had time to solidify. Grease is one of the best ingredients for a drain clog disaster. The grease mixes with other chemicals in the sewer, causing the grease to transform into a substance that will easily block the pipes. The deeper into the sewer they travel, the more likely they will form into a very large soap that can become as large as a bus. The cleanup process can take weeks.

Reconsider Using Garbage Disposals

The only things that should be flushed down a drain are water, skin, soap and toilet paper. While a garbage disposal will better prepare foods for the drain than nothing at all, fibrous foods are still likely to cause your drain to clog. And because the food items often sent down the garbage disposal can cause problems for the sewer, many municipalities have chosen to ban them.

It may be unnecessary to have a garbage disposal unit since many homes already come with dishwashers that have garbage disposal units built-in. If you don't have this feature, you are better off scraping your food off your plate than relying on a garbage disposal unit.

Don't Remove the Garbage Disposal

If you already have a garbage disposal unit, you should simply not use it. Removing the unit can be expensive because you will need to reroute the drain pipe to make up for the missing garbage disposal unit.

Sending waste down the disposal unit is not good for the environment because the waste will eventually decompose and release methane. The methane will contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. The most environmentally friendly method is instead to compost your waste. So think twice next time you consider washing something down the drain.

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