Are Metal Roofs More Storm-Resistant Than Shingled Roofs?

If your home needs a new roof, you might want to consider putting a metal roof on it instead of a traditional shingled roof. Metal roofs offer a lot of advantages over shingled roofs; however, they may cost more initially. The benefits of metal roofs make the extra cost worthwhile, and one of the benefits is that a metal roof is likely to be stronger than a shingled roof when it comes to the damage storms can do.

Hail Damage

When a hail storm hits your house, your metal roof might be able to withstand the impact of the large balls of ice. This means that your roof may go unscathed, even if the balls of hail are very large, but the thickness of your metal roofing material does make a difference.

If you are comparing the options you have with metal roofs, you will notice that there are various gauges. The most common gauge sizes of metal roofing materials are 24, 26, and 29. If you compare the prices, you may notice that 29 gauge materials are the cheapest, while 24 gauge roofs are more expensive.

This occurs because lower gauges of roofing materials are thicker, and thicker metal roofs are stronger. If you want the most resistance to hail, you should choose the lowest gauge you can find and afford.

Wind Damage

The other type of storm damage you may be concerned about is wind damage. It does not take a tornado to destroy a house. In fact, there are many regular storms that can leave homes damaged, even though the wind speed during these storms is a lot weaker than the winds experienced during a tornado.

As you search for the best metal roofing materials, look at the wind ratings on the products. Some are designed to withstand winds of 120 mph, while others may withstand winds up to 140 mph.

Regular asphalt shingles often have a wind rating of only 60 to 70 mph, but some have higher ratings. The way the shingles are installed also play a role in this. When they are nailed down with extra fasteners, they will be able to withstand higher amounts of wind.

If you live in an area that is more prone to storms, choosing metal roofing might be a good choice, because metal roofs do offer better protection against storms than shingled roofs. You can learn more about your options in metal roofing materials by contacting a roofing contractor, like those at Schwartz & Sons Construction, in your area.