Create A New Orleans Patio

If you have been to New Orleans, you have probably fallen in love with the romantic and mysterious feeling of the city. The French Quarter especially captivates people with its historic buildings and incredible architecture. New Orleans has a combination of French and Spanish Creole decorating which is very unique and timeless. If you want to add a New Orleans feeling to the patio at your own home, here are some ideas for you to consider.

The Furniture - Go with wrought iron, and select a style that is ornate in its design. The fancier, the better! Black or dark green are both perfect and will weather well. In fact, as wrought iron gets older, it just gets more authentic looking. Of course, if you want to keep a shiny, new look to it, all you have to do is spray it with an outdoor paint. Consider a round table for meals, as this allows all of your guests to see each other. Additionally, a cozy table offering seating for two or three is charming.

The Ground - Consider flagstone or brick. Another idea is to use cement. Either paint it a gorgeous deep color, or have artisans faux paint it. Select anything from the look of black and white tile, marble, even the look of a field of flowers. Whether you select brick, flagstone or cement, it will be very easy to care for. All you have to do is sweep it and, when extra care is required, just spray it with a garden hose. 

The Decor - Consider having outdoor fountains. A large one as a focal point would be beautiful and very authentic. Again, go with an ornate design. Add hanging baskets of flowers and half-pots on the wall with plants in them. Create groupings of different sizes of potted plants, too. The more green you add, the better the effect will be. Clay birds placed on tables and in other strategic places add extra charm to the patio.

The Finishing Touch - Finish the look of your New Orleans patio with a charming awning, such as one of those from Dean Custom Awnings. Select your favorite color, or go with something festive, like a striped design that will give a Mardi Gras touch to your patio. Today's awnings are made of strong fabrics that will withstand inclement weather and that will last for many years. Select a retractable one that is very easy to operate. Besides looking great, your awning will give your patio lovely shade, and you can enjoy it even during heavy downpours.

Have fun planning your New Orleans patio.