Does Your Old Home Have Lighting Problems? Dangerous Electricial Concerns

If you have purchased an older home and you've noticed some electrical concerns, you want to hire an electrical contractor right away. If you think that some of the wiring is outdated, or that the electrical box may be faulty, you want to get everything checked out so you know it's safe.

There are a few key electrical problems that can be present in older homes, and that the inspector will look for when they complete their assessment. Be prepared for the following problems.

Federal Circuit Electrical Panel

If the electrical panel you have was made by Federal Circuit after 1950, but before 1990, you could have a very serious problem. These circuits are faulty and have caused many house fires, and you want to have the panel removed from the property and updated immediately. The electrician can install a new panel, which is safer and easier to use.

Old Wiring

The home could have copper wiring throughout. Copper wiring can work great if there are no flaws, but it could have gotten disrupted by renovations or rodents over time. If the wiring is exposed and damaged it can be exposed, increasing the risk of electrocution or a fire. If there is knob and tube wiring, which has ceramic knobs that hold cloth covered wiring in place throughout the frame of the home, you want to have this outdated wiring method replaced as well.

Hot Outlets and Switch Plates

If the outlets or the light switch plates are hot to the touch after the light has been on for a long period of time, there is an electrical problem you should be concerned about. You shouldn't be able to feel the electrical heat through the different fixtures in the home, and all fixtures and components need to be replaced.

You don't want to put your family or the structure of your home at risk, so it's important to have any old wiring throughout your home inspected. You may also want to have the electrician install new fire alarms while they are already at the house if the alarms haven't been updated in the last 10 years, so you know the alarms have been installed properly. If your lights are humming, flickering, or you feel heat coming out of the different electrical components all around your home, it's time to let the experts do an inspection to make sure everything is all right.