Inground Pool? 2 Common Problems You May Have

If you have an in ground pool in your backyard but it needs to be repaired, you should get it done so you kids can enjoy swimming in it. Below are two common problems you may be having.


If you notice your pool has foam floating on the water, this can be caused by high total dissolved solids (TDS) levels, algaecides, and oils and lotions in the water.

This can also happen if the water is not balanced. You need to check the calcium, pH, and alkalinity hardness levels to make sure they are correct. What they should be depends on the type of pool you have. Take a sample of the water to the pool company that installed your pool. They can test it to determine what your levels should be, and tell you how to adjust them.

This is easily fixed using an anti-foam product that can be purchased at most pool stores. Follow the instructions on the label on how to use it for your pool.

Problems with the Pump

The pump for your swimming pool is the most important part. It creates pressure in the pool, which then forces water through the filter. If you are having a problem with the pump not moving water, check the pump basket to make sure it is empty. You should also check the filter to see if it is dirty.

If you notice the pump's motor is screeching, it is likely the bearings. If you open up the pump, you will see bearings on the front and rear. If you notice there is corrosion on the bearings, you should have them replaced. If this does not fix the problem, the pump motor may be bad.

If the pump is making a screeching sound, this usually means it is low on water. Something could be blocking the flow of water, such as the impeller. The impeller attaches to the pump shaft. To get access to it, you have to remove the pump's motor assembly, and then remove the diffuser.

Unless you are skilled at repairing pools, you should hire a pool repair technician to either replace or clean out the impeller, or replace the motor, if needed.

Have a in ground pool repair technician to come to your home at the beginning of the pool season to provide maintenance for your pool. He or she will make sure the chemical levels are correct, and that all the parts are working properly.