Four Metal Fence Styles That Will Give Your Home A Unique Look And A Durable Fence

If you want to have a unique looking fence, metal is a great option. These can be custom-made iron fences, as well as prefabricated materials.  Metal fences can also come in many different designs including palisade styles, contemporary designs and other unique looks. If you want something more for the fencing around your home, metal fencing is a great choice. Here are four unique styles of metal fencing that you can have installed for the fence around you home:

1. Palisade Type Fences For A Classic Look

If you want to have a fence that has more of a classic style, palisade style fences can be a great design. These are the fences that you see with spear or exposed pointed tips on the top instead of a rail. These can deter people and animals from climbing your fence, and they can have a decorative design.  This can be done with custom ironwork, and have details in other metals or plating to give your fence a unique look.

2. Flat Top Rail Metal Fencing Products

Flat top designs have a flat rail at the top of the fence. This is a good design if you are concerned about the safety of children, or if you live in an area with migratory animals, like deer, that can be injured by the spikes on the fence. You can have decorative designs like spears and spikes beneath the top rail, which will give you the look of a palisade fence, but the safety of a fence that has a flat top rail.

3. Masonry And Metal Fencing Design Combinations

Another great design for metal fencing is the combination of masonry and metal fencing. This can be done with just masonry posts and full –height fencing or it can be done with a half-height masonry wall with posts and metal fencing across the top. If you want a little more privacy and security, this is a good option to distort the view through your metal fence. It can also be a good way to add privacy to the front of your home, and reduce costs by having just metal around other areas of your home like the backyard.

4. Contemporary Metal Fences With Panels Or Slats

Metal fences do not always have to have the classic iron look to them. You can also have a more contemporary design with your metal fence. This can be done with metal panels, which will give your privacy, as well as a sound barrier, which is good for homes in population areas with noise pollution.  There are also slats that can be used if a sound barrier is not something you really want or need. These can look like many different materials, and give you a unique fence with a contemporary design.

These are some of the designs of metal fencing that you may want to have installed around your home. If you want to have a metal fence installed around your home, contact a fencing contractor like Arbor Fence Co Inc and ask them about some of these products for your new fence.