Trees To Enhance Your Swimming Pool Or Spa Area

When choosing trees to plant around your swimming pool or spa area, you want to choose plants that not only enhance your landscape design, but are low-maintenance. A variety of lovely trees and shrubs are available to add color and enjoyment to your outdoor space.

Selecting trees and shrubs for the pool area, doesn't have to be difficult if you keep a few tips in mind:

  • Look for plants with smooth branches and avoid thorns, bristles or anything that may injure pool users
  • Choose litter-free plants to avoid fishing spent flowers, fallen berries or leaves out of the pool; they can also clog the pool filter
  • Pick plants you find attractive and that complement your landscape design

While there are a variety of trees for the pool area, here are a few good choices.

1: Angel's Trumpet

Angel's trumpet shrubs are evergreen to semi-evergreen natives of South America. While they are large, woody shrubs, you can train them to grow as small trees. Angel's trumpet bears pendant blooms and bean-shaped seed pods. Their large over-sized leaves and big, tubular flowers make these trees a spectacular site during summer while in fool bloom. Angel's trumpet is also fragrant, especially in the evening. 

Plant angel's trumpet in an area sheltered from wind to avoid wind-tattered foliage. While they thrive in United States Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 10-12,  you can grow them in containers. Container growing is ideal for colder climates, so you can take the trees indoors to overwinter. They grow well inside with low light and very little water. 

2: Sago Palm

Sago palms are not true palms, but conifers that provide a lovely tropical effect around pools. Young sago palms have a fern-like appearance, but as they begin to age, they resemble palms. Trees bear very large leaves, which are divided into numerous narrow, leathery segments.

Sago palms are tough trees and grow to in full sun to partial shade; however, full sun can cause bleaching of tree colors. They are hardy in USDA plant zones 9-11.

3: Hong Kong Orchid Tree

Hong Kong orchid trees are known for their flamboyant flowers and lovely twin-lobed leaves. Flowers are somewhat orchid-shaped, but much larger that other orchid trees species. Blooms are fragrant and colors range from purple and rose to cranberry and orchid pink. Hong Kong orchids are somewhat deciduous, as some leaves may drop off during bloom, but trees never lose all their leaves. 

Trees have an umbrella-like growth habit, grow in full sun to partial shade, and thrive in USDA hardiness zones 9-11.

If you want to know more about trees that are well-suited for planting around your pool, contact a local tree service. Professionals can help you choose trees that complement your landscape and thrive in your climate. To learn more, contact a company like Luxton Tree Service with any questions you have.