Emergency Window Replacement – Quick Steps To Getting Your House Ready

If you have had a window emergency, it can be imperative to have a professional come out and fix immediately. Having emergency window repair can be a drag, but there are few things you can do to make the situation better, and the window installer's job a little easier. Here is a four-point checklist to quickly getting your house ready for an emergency window repair.

1. Get Pets and Kids out of the Way

If broken windows aren't in on the main floor or there is broken glass, make sure that children and pets moved to a different area of the home. When installers arrive, make sure that they have the space to work and aren't worried about tripping over the cat or being distracted by the kids. Window repair instantly turns into a tiny construction site that involves large panes of glass, so make sure that your family is relocated until the work is completed.

2. Lock up Your Valuables

The least of your worries are the professionals that are fixing your home. Repairing residential windows is what they are there for. However, if you live in a busy neighborhood with a lot of foot traffic, it can be easy for anyone to slip into your home during the commotion and take advantage. Having laptops, tablets, keys and wallets sitting in foyers and common areas is just asking for trouble.

3. Clear a Path to Window and Deal with Shattered Glass

If you are having a shattered glass emergency, mention this to your glass professional. They might have advice for removal, or can clean up any shattered glass if it comes with their service. Try your best to clear out any furniture or boxes that might be in the pathway to windows, so that installers can easily access the work site.

4. Remember to Turn Off Heat or Air Conditioning

If broken windows are letting in outside air, don't lose heat or cool air by forgetting to turn off your thermostat. Wasting energy while your windows are open and doors are ajar is a waste of money. Don't make your heater or AC work overtime when the elements are making their way into your home.

Dealing with a broken window can be annoying, but can be dealt with efficiently. Make sure to hire a professional that can quickly come and fix your windows. Do your part and be ready for the work to be done, so that your house can be back to normal in no time.